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v. t. & i.1.To press, crowd, or throng.
[imp. Throng .]
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Secondly, I commend a thought-provoking book called The Engineer's Conscience by Professor M W Thring, published in 1980 by our own institution.
Richardson combines the research of many different scholars and researchers on the life and work of Edward Thring (1821-1887), proclaimed othe most original educationalisto and schoolmaster during his time.
This book is a dual biography of a father and son, both named Frank Thring. They could have been twins.
Charmaine Thring spent 17 years helping other companies accelerate their businesses and increase their bottom line through the use of her unique marketing strategies.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Dr James B Thring, a British author and Head of the Ministry of Peace, called on London's foreign secretary to revise his statements about the Iranian police reaction to the Tuesday night protests, and said Tehran's police troops did their best to prevent the entry of protesters and used maximum power to repel demonstrators' raid on the embassy compound.
The Ortus Group, which was recently bought out from under the umbrella of the Network Group Holdings empire by managing director Colin White, was instructed by top 100 law firm Thring Townsend Lee & Pembertons to secure a merger with a high-value private client practice in London.
Solicitors Thring Townsend sent letters before action last week to both Merial and the Institute of Animal Health as the first step in suing for compensation.
Law firm Thring Townsend, acting for the NFU, has sent out letters to the two laboratories claiming negl igence.
The Tomorrow's Achievers event, which is open to children aged 9-11, is run by the Gabbitas, Truman and Thring Educational Trust.
Thring. ASME Press, Three Park Ave., New York, NY 10016-5990.
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