thrombin time

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throm·bin time

n. tiempo de trombina, espacio de tiempo necesario para que se forme un coágulo de fibrina después de añadirle trombina al plasma citrado.
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The PT, thrombin time, platelet count and function are normal.
8) Other indicators for laboratory monitoring of DTI are Activated clotting time (ACT), Ecarin clotting time(ECT), Prothrombin -induced clotting time (PiCT),Diluted thrombin time (Dtt).
PTT 30 seconds (21-30 s), thrombin time 26 seconds (16-25 s), fibrinogen 162 mg/dL (200-375), total bilirubin 1.
Diluted thrombin time (dTT): The thrombin time test (TT) measures the time to clot formation in a patient sample following addition of excess thrombin.
Consideration needs to be given to other potentially challenging aspects of the clinical management of patients on dabigatran, including the need to understand how to assay for anticoagulation status in patients who have overdosed or need surgery - activated partial thromboplastin time and thrombin time seem to be the most reliable tests.