through thick and thin

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في السَّرّاء والضَّرّاء، مَهما يَحْدُث
za všech okolností
gennem tykt og tyndt
tûzön-vízen át
gegnum súrt og sætt
za každých okolností
iyi günde de kötü günde de


(θik) adjective
1. having a relatively large distance between opposite sides; not thin. a thick book; thick walls; thick glass.
2. having a certain distance between opposite sides. It's two inches thick; a two-inch-thick pane of glass.
3. (of liquids, mixtures etc) containing solid matter; not flowing (easily) when poured. thick soup.
4. made of many single units placed very close together; dense. a thick forest; thick hair.
5. difficult to see through. thick fog.
6. full of, covered with etc. The room was thick with dust; The air was thick with smoke.
7. stupid. Don't be so thick!
the thickest, most crowded or active part. in the thick of the forest; in the thick of the fight.
ˈthickly adverb
ˈthickness noun
ˈthicken verb
to make or become thick or thicker. We'll add some flour to thicken the soup; The fog thickened and we could no longer see the road.
ˌthick-ˈskinned adjective
not easily hurt by criticism or insults. You won't upset her – she's very thick-skinned.
thick and fast
frequently and in large numbers. The bullets/insults were flying thick and fast.
through thick and thin
whatever happens; in spite of all difficulties. They were friends through thick and thin.
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