n.1.A turning lathe.
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32) For Calvin, Fortune and divine justice are incompatible: "nothyng less agreeth with the nature of God, than to throwe awaie the governement of the world, and leave it to fortune, to wynke at the synnes of men, so as they may lyve in lycentious outrage unpunished.
The vernacul--I honowre hym [and the] pat the made throwe hys pryuy[te]; The clothe he set ovyr hys face, The prynte he lefte ther, of hys grace, Hys mowthe, hys nose, hys eyn too, Hys berd, hys here he ded also.
it come a storme and thay lost the road & got out of provisions & the ones that got throwe had to eat them that Died not long after thay started we got out of provisions.
Outsidehalf Nicky Robinson, who enjoyed another fine game, added the conversion and a penalty, and Nuthall claimed his first score before England struck back with a Bell try goaled by Throwe r.
The woman shouted for help and council worker Iain Throwe, from Kingswood Road, Nuneaton, chased the thief along Queens Road towards Dugdale Street.
Demosthenes and Cicero, for instance, "were borne, of verie meane parentes and ancestors: yet thei throwe their learnyng and vertues, became famous ascending to all nobilitie" (The Foundacion of Rhetorike, Axlvii verso).
But the syngular commodytees within our owne realme, we abhorre and throwe fourth as most vyle noysome matter.
Iain Throwe, aged 32, tackled a robber who grabbed a woman shopper's handbag in Nuneaton.
However, as Simeon's paean to Jesus ends, his thoughts turn again to Mary: "And suffer thou shalt many a throwe, for sword of sorrowe it shall goe / through thy hart, that men shall knowe / thoughtes in harte--on a rowe--/ of men that shall contrarye you / and found to worke thee woe" (185-90).
c]h weare Liveinge weare so maugre and Leane thatt itt was Lamentable to behowlde them for so many throwe extreme hunger have Runne outt of their naked bedds beinge so Leane that they Looked Lyke Anotamies Cryinge owtt we are starved We are starved' (269).
it were as good to throwe them among the hornes of wilde Bulles, eyther to deliuer them vnto hunger starued Wolues, Lions, and Tygres, and as much good shoulde they gette by any lawes, precepts, or threates made to the saide hungrye beastes, for the forbidding of them to deuoure them, as much do we say any lawes, threates, or precepts, stay the Spaniardes, when they haue authoritie ouer the Indians from murdering them for their golde.
When asked to elucidate a controversial passage from Scripture, Askew declines to comment, saying disdainfully "I wolde not throwe pearles amonge swyne, for acornes were good ynough" (1546, sig.