n.1.A turning lathe.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Kennin George back then I cwid sweir it wis a makkie-up bit ye can jist picter it as he got intae perfec rhythm startin it aff wi 'As I gid ower John hird a dird, John hird a dirt a dyrie I met in wi Hikerty Pick, cairryin awa Kilpyrie o..........' Fit a lot o haivers ye gyang throwe wi the chauve in the sma oors fin the waukrif craitur fechts the sleep an I'm wintin tae hear fae you on the dirdin an loupin antics you ees't tae dee as ye shoudie poudie't lang efter the sun gaed doon.
In an email, Department of Natural Resources Deputy Secretary Joanne Throwe told Thomson the reduced responsibilities were "management prerogative."
which dreame of an idle and slouthful God: and other as mad as they, whiche in old tyme imagined that God did so rule above the middle region of the ayre, that he left thinges benethe to Fortune." (32) For Calvin, Fortune and divine justice are incompatible: "nothyng less agreeth with the nature of God, than to throwe awaie the governement of the world, and leave it to fortune, to wynke at the synnes of men, so as they may lyve in lycentious outrage unpunished." (33)
how sey pese men pat are pus slogh, pat oute of mesure slepe a throwe? whan he heryp a bel ryng, To holy cherche men kallyng, pan may he nat hys bedde lete But pan behouep hym to lygge and swete, And take pe mery mornyng slepe.
The vernacul--I honowre hym [and the] pat the made throwe hys pryuy[te]; The clothe he set ovyr hys face, The prynte he lefte ther, of hys grace, Hys mowthe, hys nose, hys eyn too, Hys berd, hys here he ded also.
it come a storme and thay lost the road & got out of provisions & the ones that got throwe had to eat them that Died not long after thay started we got out of provisions.
Standing in the water beneath you are rows of enterprising urchins who shout up the traditional refrain: "Throw me down something mister", or in my case: "Throwe me down something ya' fat English eejit."
Outsidehalf Nicky Robinson, who enjoyed another fine game, added the conversion and a penalty, and Nuthall claimed his first score before England struck back with a Bell try goaled by Throwe r.
The woman shouted for help and council worker Iain Throwe, from Kingswood Road, Nuneaton, chased the thief along Queens Road towards Dugdale Street.
Demosthenes and Cicero, for instance, "were borne, of verie meane parentes and ancestors: yet thei throwe their learnyng and vertues, became famous ascending to all nobilitie" (The Foundacion of Rhetorike, Axlvii verso).
There wis auld kilts and new kilts O every clan and hue kilts Reid, yalla, green and blue At the Kilt Society Ball THE KILT SOCIETY BALL - RAB THE RHYMER "Ah, Stoo-art tartan, are you a member of the Clan?" Ere wis me takkin intae the Games Park at Ballater an es strappin young cheil wi a gran American drawl spottit ma kilt o the Ancient Hunting Stuart of Appin, openin oot his tippet tae reveal the verra same tartan, tho mine a thochtie mair ancient throwe seein a helluva lot mair gaitherins.
But the syngular commodytees within our owne realme, we abhorre and throwe fourth as most vyle noysome matter.