Thrown silk

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silk thread consisting of two or more singles twisted together like a rope, in a direction contrary to that in which the singles of which it is composed are twisted.

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She suggests that unlike in Lucca and Florence, where mercers owned the fibre through every stage of production, in Paris the mercers sold the thrown silk to dyers and weavers, and then purchased back the completed items, thus minimizing any financial risk.
pilipes (Fabricius 1793) juveniles exposed to a novel and potentially dangerous prey item frequently attack using thrown silk. To quantify the frequency with which N.
However, failure to observe attacks using thrown silk in diverse web-building spiders may reflect limited studies, either with only mature animals or with prey that are small relative to the spider's size.
Although the conditions under which spiders are stimulated to attack via thrown silk have been studied for several species of Araneidae (Robinson 1975; Robinson & Robinson 1976), there are no published records indicating a role of prior experience in capture tactics used by orb-weaving spiders.
Four spiders immediately attacked the bee using thrown silk followed by a bite, a "wrap-bite" couplet.
I only observed the exploratory approach and subsequent use of thrown silk in naive spiders.
Over a period of 1.5 h, she repeatedly placed silk over the bug using leg IV, capturing it between the thrown silk and the orb-web mesh, and the bug continued struggling and freeing itself.
But the production of thrown silk and small items, the "narrow ware" produced on very small looms, or by other methods of knotting or tying, was almost exclusively the domain of women, most of whom were based in the city of London.
They complain that while they have only ever imported raw, or "unwrought" silk, that various Lombards and other "aliens estraungers" now routinely import thrown silk, ribbons, laces, corses and other ready-made silk products.