Thrust plane

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(Geol.) the surface along which dislocation has taken place in the case of a reversed fault.

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The outcrops of Carboniferous sedimentary rocks upstream in Christopher MacLeod brook are now interpreted as a window through a shallow-dipping thrust plane that has transported the basement rocks over the younger rocks.
Steepening of bedding, reversal of dip direction, and in at least one location overturned bedding appear to be the drag effect of movement on the overlying thrust plane (Fig.
9), which reveals a regional north-east-southwest trend of gravity variations in the southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, oblique to the trends shown by the VGM analysis, mapped lithological variations, and the orientation of the thrust plane.
Movement on the thrust plane postdated the deposition of the Windsor Group carbonate and evaporite rocks (Visean, 342-327 Ma).
Once through this next thrust plane, plans are to run logs and a velocity survey and then set another string of intermediate casing.
Iriana believes that further exploration is warranted to test the possibility of stacking of similar shallow dipping shear zones, particularly given the proximity of the shallow dipping thrust plane separating the volcanic/metasediment package from the overlying ophiolite sequence.
The control of the mineralization appears to be proximity to a thrust plane between the upper carvoeira and underlying ferruginous quartzites.