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Robbery and murder as practiced by the Thugs.

[Hindi ṭhagī, from ṭhag, Thug; see thug.]


(Historical Terms) history the methods and practices of the thugs of India
[C19: from Hindi thagī; see thug]

thuggeeism, thuggee

a semi-religious Hindu cult with a highly organized system of murder and robbery, suppressed in India in the 19th century. Also thuggery. — thug, n.
See also: Hinduism
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Noun1.thuggee - murder and robbery by thugs
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
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Temple of Doom is literally a dark film, following Indiana Jones, an adolescent Chinese sidekick, and a self-absorbed female singer into the bowels of a hellish Thugee lair in India.
The dashing archaeologist is hired by the elders of a remote Indian tribe to find a mystic stone, stolen by the evil Thugee cult.
Sati, or self-immolation by Brahmin widows, was wiped out, as was the monstrous cult of Thugee, a secret society made up of both Hindus and Muslims that committed ritual murder and spoliation in the name of the Hindu goddess Kali.
Indy, wee pal Short Round and escaping songstress Willie are on the run from Shanghai crooks when they crash land in India, and are asked by the local villagers to rescue their children and a Sankara stone which was stolen by an evil Thugee cult from the local palace.
The name of the dacoit leader is Minu, and Milan also tells us that the dacoits were the generic descendants of the thuggees of Rajasthan--'The dacoit movement developed from the thugee movement.