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 (tho͞o′jōn′, thyo͞o′-)
A ketone, C10H16O, that is thought to be a neurotoxin and is found in certain plants such as the wormwood Artemisia absinthium, an ingredient in absinthe.

[New Latin Thuja, arborvitae genus (since it is found in arborvitae); see thuja + -one.]
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in 2007 after a 95-year federal ban, has long had a mystique of being psychoactive because of the wormwood-derived chemical, thujon. "In reality, there's as much thujon in basil," says Scott, dispelling the notion.
Along with this, absinthe contains thujon, a substance with a molecular structure related to THC in marijuana and so, it was as addictive and as attractive as a drug.