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 (tho͞o′jōn′, thyo͞o′-)
A ketone, C10H16O, that is thought to be a neurotoxin and is found in certain plants such as the wormwood Artemisia absinthium, an ingredient in absinthe.

[New Latin Thuja, arborvitae genus (since it is found in arborvitae); see thuja + -one.]
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fragrantissima oil is rich with sesquisabinene hydrate, bisabolene epoxide, camphor, and caryophyllene oxide; also limonene, menthol, azulene, and thujone are found in moderate amount, while santolina alcohol, lanceol, cedrene, and granny geraniol are found in a minor amounts (Table 1).
Thujone (trans), [alpha]-pinene, [beta]-myrcene, terpinen, limonene, 1.
In the essential oil of T occidentalis, thujone has been reported to be the major therapeutically active constituent.
Even though the quantity of thujone was below the allowance made by the health authorities it was still removed from the market.
Its essential oil contains cineol, borneol, and thujone.
Absinthe, absinthism and thujone - New insight into the spirit's impact on public health.
3 One of these a- thujone has an effect on central nervous system (CNS).
The discussion, which will come to a head at a meeting of the parliament in the French city of Strasbourg next week, focuses on the amount of the naturally occuring chemical thujone that must be present in the drink, if at all.
Carvone was observed to be more toxic than bicyclic compounds such as verbinol and thujone [10].
Ada cayi yapraklarinin damitilmasi ile elde edilen ada cayi yagi; salvene, pinene, camphor, cineole, borneol, thujone, sponin, diterpene, phenolic asit, salviatanin, ursokolik asit, kafeik asit ve flavonoidleri icerir (1-3).