Thumb mark

The mark left by the impression of a thumb, as on the leaves of a book.
The dark spot over each foot in finely bred black and tan terriers.
- Longfellow.

See also: Thumb, Thumb

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The voter should also affix his/her signature and thumb mark in the OVF No.
She explained: "There were three bruises and a thumb mark. The bruises were on her face.
Rizvi suggested that it was easy for the Election Commission to trace the rigging as the voters have to thumb mark at two places which is in record of the Election Commission which can be verified by the NADRA.
The film, being shot in Hertfordshire, is based on Christie's short stories Greenshaw's Folly and The Thumb Mark of St Peter.
Then "out of jealousy or simple bitterness" he took the knife and thrust it into his cellmate's chest with such force that it left an impression on the skin that the state pathologist concluded was the attacker's thumb mark.
After a thorough examination of the crime scene an empty cash box bearing a thumb mark on the side of the inner tray was taken to the fingerprint bureau.
The Red Thumb Mark (1907) was the first of many works featuring Thorndyke.
Manuela affixed her thumb mark when Shintaro told her that he needed the documents in order to pay the accumulated arrears for her Tagaytay property.
The court was told that the forensic scientist in the case was satisfied a thumb mark in blood found on Ms Dillon's car at the scene matched Kearney's.
Jimenez bared that the ballots will have "normal security features" like thumb mark, barcode, and "UV (ultraviolet) marks that can be read by the machine and if the machine is not reading it, then it will be rejected."
Anyway, I'm composing a poem titled 'Thumb mark.' Isn't a thumb mark visible proof of the significance and uniqueness of men?