Thumb ring

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a ring worn on the thumb.

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Due to the narrow decorative surface of the thumb ring, height 0.9-1 in.
His latest gift to her was a thumb ring, which the "Suits" star only takes off when she had to film as her alter ego, Rachel Zane.
In a crowdfunding coup, RHL Vision Technologies founded by Rohildev N., also in Bangalore, raised $200,000 from 1,600 people to launch Fin in March 2014, a thumb ring that turns the palm into a gesture interface.
Mayfield Heights, OH, April 17, 2015 --( The collection began after a groomer in Hershey, PA requested a pendant that included a pair of sterling silver scissors with a Puppy Paw[R] dangling from the thumb ring.
Tattoos are today's thumb ring for the lesbian community.
Wearable devices are the next stage of computing and the thumb ring developed by Rohil and his team is stylish and easy for use.
For extra fun there are some customisable stickers and a thumb ring that doubles as a stylus.
A silver thumb ring, shown below, bought in an indoor market in Manchester.
He was wearing a grey jumper, beige combat-style trousers, black Kappa trainers and a silver thumb ring on his left hand when last seen.
She was wearing a gold ring with black and white stones, a silver ring with a white stone, a silver thumb ring with an unusual dinosaur design and a silver Pulsar watch.
A Chinese or Mongolian thumb ring is illustrated here.