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(Plants) any plant of the typically climbing tropical genus Thunbergia such as black-eyed Susan: family Acanthaceae
[named after K. P. Thunberg (1743–1822), Swedish traveller and botanist]
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Noun1.thunbergia - a genus of herbs or vines of the family AcanthaceaeThunbergia - a genus of herbs or vines of the family Acanthaceae
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
Acanthaceae, acanthus family, family Acanthaceae - widely distributed herbs and shrubs and trees; sometimes placed in the order Scrophulariales
black-eyed Susan, black-eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia alata - tropical African climbing plant having yellow flowers with a dark purple center
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Add heat-tolerant black-eyed Susan vines (Thunbergia alata) to hanging baskets, window boxes, large pots, or trellises for vibrant color through the summer.
Thunbergia alata, or Black-Eyed Susan, is another delightful and vigorous climber which will cover a trellis with a profusion of flowers - these are yellow with a black eye in the centre.
and Thunbergia erecta (Lee et al., 1998b; Harrison, Boa, & Carpio, 2003; Arneado et al., 2007; Montano et al., 2011; Melo et al., 2013; 2018; Montano, Bertaccini, Guthelle, Paltrinieri, & Contaldo, 2015; Fernandez et al., 2015; Alves, Souza, Ribeiro, da Silva Xavier, & Carvalho, 2016).
Plant growth and nutrition in pine seedlings (Pinus thunbergia) seedlings and dehydrogenase and phosphatase activity of ectomycorrhizal root tips inoculated with seven individual ectomycorrhizal fungal species at high and low nitrogen conditions.
Commonly known as the black-eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia makes a great trailing or climbing container plant.
Kouassi, "Evaluation de la toxicite aigue de l'extrait aqueux des feuilles de Thunbergia atacorensis, une espece nouvelle," European Scientific Journal, vol.
Nucleotide sequences determined for AltMV isolates obtained from Scutellaria longifolia [12], Torenia [17], Angelonia angustifolia [15], and Thunbergia laurifolia plants [21] are too short for detailed analysis, yet most likely they belong to portulaca-like type [20].
(27) Thunbergia laurifolia, Linn, is a traditional Thai herbal medicine used to treat alcohol and drug addiction and has been tested preclinically and has some mild-stimulant properties that may make it useful as an agonist therapy.
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Effects of drying method and particle size on the antioxidant properties of leaves and teas of Morus alba, Lagerstroemia speciosa and Thunbergia laurifolia.
HUSSEIN (2008), avaliando epocas de estaquia de Thunbergia grandiflora obteve o melhor percentual de enraizamento quando a estaquia foi realizada no inicio da primavera.