Thunbergia alata

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Noun1.Thunbergia alata - tropical African climbing plant having yellow flowers with a dark purple centerThunbergia alata - tropical African climbing plant having yellow flowers with a dark purple center
genus Thunbergia, Thunbergia - a genus of herbs or vines of the family Acanthaceae
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
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Add heat-tolerant black-eyed Susan vines (Thunbergia alata) to hanging baskets, window boxes, large pots, or trellises for vibrant color through the summer.
Thunbergia alata, or Black-Eyed Susan, is another delightful and vigorous climber which will cover a trellis with a profusion of flowers - these are yellow with a black eye in the centre.
Try morning glory, mina lobata, climbing nasturtiums or Thunbergia alata, black-eyed Susan.
Flowering vines, such as black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata) or Anemone clematis (Clematis montana) can drape your front porch for privacy.
Another attractive annual that will provide summer interest is BlacK Eyed Susie thunbergia alata. This is a climber with beautiful yellow petals and a deep blacK central area.
Some climbing annuals can provide a blaze of colour during the summer months, including black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata), which is perennial in its native Africa, but an annual here.
peregrinum), sweet peas, black- eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata) or morning glory (Ipomea rubro-coerulea) scramble through them.
Or plant such colorful, tropical-looking choices as black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), bougainvillea, passion vine, and trumpet vine.
The black-eyed Susie, thunbergia alata has produced some exciting new hybrids in recent years and is worthy of a place in the garden, trained up the leg of a bird table or climbing up a home-made frame in a container on a sunny patio.
A Black-Eyed Susie thunbergia alata to give it its proper name is an annual from South Africa and dies after flowering each year.