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1. A violent storm of thunder and lightning that is accompanied by snow instead of rain.
2. The snow produced by such a storm.
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But they were destined to an intense bonding experience due to a night of unusual spring weather in Atlanta, 1993, culminating in Thundersnow. After this, Indy and Spot were inseparable.
A number of areas could get thundersnow; strong winds and snow will create treacherous conditions with limited visibility.
STORM FIONN The next storm, called Fionn, arrived two weeks later with forecasters predicting the rare weather phenomenon of "thundersnow".
Media coverage of the white stuff may now be peppered with new words such as "snowmageddon", "snowbomb" and "thundersnow", but the coverage is predictable.
The macro-scale cyclone started out as rainfall and slowly turned into fast-falling snow, accompanied by lightning and thunder in a rare phenomenon known as 'thundersnow'.
Forecasters predict up to 2in could fall in a single hour and nasty twists over the weekend with lethal freezing rain, which freezes on contact with surfaces, and thundersnow expected.
thundersnow, transport chaos and school closures yesterday as forecasters warned there is plenty more snow still to fall.
Massachusetts had an electrifying white Christmas with instances of thundersnow reported on the holiday throughout the Boston metro area Monday.
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