Thutmose III

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Thut·mo·se III

 (tho͞ot-mō′sə) Died 1452 bc.
King of Egypt (1504-1452) who conquered Syria and much of the Euphrates Valley and brought great wealth to Egypt.
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Thutmose III

(Biography) died c. 1450 bc, king of Egypt of the 18th dynasty, who completed the conquest of Syria and dominated the Middle East. He was also a patron of the arts and a famous athlete
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Thut•mo•se III

(θutˈmoʊ sə, -ˈmoʊs)

also Thut•mo•sis III

(-ˈmoʊ sɪs)
fl. c1475 B.C., Egyptian ruler.
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(12.) For example, Thutmoses III boasts in his annals of crossing the Euphrates and setting up a stela alongside that of his father, Thutmoses I.