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n. pl. bil·bies
An omnivorous burrow-dwelling bandicoot (Macrotis lagotis) of arid regions of Australia, having long ears, a long, tapering snout, and strong forelegs with long claws.

[Yuwaalaraay (Pama-Nyungan language of southeast-central Australia) bilbi.]


n, pl -bies
(Animals) a burrowing marsupial of the genus Macrotis of Australia having long pointed ears and grey fur. Also called: rabbit bandicoot or dalgyte
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Noun1.bilby - bandicoot with leathery ears like a rabbitbilby - bandicoot with leathery ears like a rabbit
bandicoot - any of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands; insectivorous and herbivorous
genus Macrotis, Macrotis - a genus of Peramelidae