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a. tirogloso-a, rel. a la tiroides y a la lengua.
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Sebaceous cyst and thyroglossal cyst were the most commonly encountered mass in our group followed by dermoid cyst, lipoma and fibroma.
Differantial diagnosis included thyroglossal cyst, infection and lymphatic malformation.
Non-neoplastic and non-inflammatory lesion: Colloid goiter, adenomatous goiter, benign cystic lesion, hyperplasia, thyroglossal cyst, thyrotoxicosis.
Of the 102 patients operated, 78% underwent the Sistrunk procedure (one patient was found to have a spontaneous rupture of the cyst) followed by excision of the thyroglossal cyst alone (18%).
Ectopic thyroid tissue in the thyroglossal cyst duct: Rare clinical entity with review of literature.
History revealed that the patient was found thyroglossal cyst in 15 years old and accepted total excision of thyroglossal duct cyst in 18 years old.
During the live surgery he showed total thyroidectomy with block neck dissection, parathyroid adenoma while on first day he performed open right lobectomy, thyroglossal cyst and endoscopic thyroidectomy.
to treat thyroglossal cyst, the recurrence rate is reduced from 50% to 4%.
It would also be helpful if some details of the surgical procedures could be given, as many of the target audience may not have seen, for example, a thyroglossal cyst excision.
Age of the youngest patient in this series was 3 years; there were two patients with cytological diagnosis of thyroglossal cyst and colloid cyst, respectively.