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Noun1.Thysanoptera - thrips
animal order - the order of animals
class Hexapoda, class Insecta, Hexapoda, Insecta - insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
thysanopter, thysanopteron, thysanopterous insect - an insect of the order Thysanoptera
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3 0,5 Psocidae 1 Caeciliidae 3 3 Amphientomidae 1 Thysanoptera 0.
In Primary insect types in the Illinois Natural History Survey Collection, exclusive of the Collembola and Thysanoptera.
PART B: Order Araneae (ARA) Mantodea (MAN) Neuroptera (NEU) Acari (ACA) Orthoptera (ORTH) Coleoptera (COL) Diplopoda (DIP) Phasmatodea (PHAS) Diptera (DIP) Ephemeroptera (EPH) Psocoptera (PSOC) Trichoptera (TRIC) Odonata (ODO) Hemiptera: Heteroptera (HET) Lepidoptera (LEP) lattodea (BLAT) Hemiptera: Homoptera (HOM) Hymenoptera (HYM) Isoptera (ISO) Thysanoptera (THY) TABLE 2 The relative abundance distributions fitted to the observed data for both family and functional feeding group abundance distributions of a grassland arthropod community.
There have been several hundred insect molecular dating studies since Gaunt and Miles's 2002 seminal paper, and these studies have provided dating estimates for 19 of the approximately 30 insect orders (Odonata, Plecoptera, Orthoptera, Phasmatodea, Isoptera, Blattaria, Mantodea, Grylloblattodea, Hemiptera, Phthiraptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Rhaphidioptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera and Trichoptera).
En las trampas de caida se recolectaron ejemplares pertenecientes a Ordenes no identificados en los contenidos estomacales, como Ephemeroptera, Opilionidae y Thysanoptera.
Thysanoptera infestation on skin and periorbital cellulitis in ostriches (Struthio camelus) aged 14 months.
He comments on the geographical distribution, host plants, feeding habits and seasonal history of 34 species of phytophagous insects and seven species of mites, covering the Homoptera, Hemiptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, Eriophyoidea and Tetranychoidea associated with the olive tree, and provides a set of color photographs.
The five most commonly occurring orders are: Diptera, Coleoptera, Thysanoptera, Hymenoptera, and Homoptera.
1% Site Type Thysanoptera Orthoptera Isoptera BT Pond W 8 1 Baygall W W W Pond W W W Pond Upland U 1D U 2 U 1 Stream 1C W W 2 W Upland 1C-4 U U U 1 1 Upland SE U 1 U Village Creek W W 2 W 1 T1 U 1 1 W Totals 12 9 1 Prop.