Tiananmen Square

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Tian·an·men Square

An extensive open area in central Beijing, China, the world's largest public square. Adjacent to the Forbidden City, it has long been the site of festivals, rallies, and demonstrations. In 1989 Chinese troops fired on student demonstrators, killing an estimated 2,000 or more.

Tian′an•men Square′

(ˈtyɑn ɑnˌmɛn)

also Tienanmen Square

a large plaza in Beijing, China.
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Szeto Wah, and seven of his colleagues were prosecuted for having dared to speak about the Tianamen square protests on his radio program.
Sweden, June 15 -- There are three Squares shot to fame, during our time, in Asia, Africa and Europe; Tianamen Square, Tahrir Square and now Taksim Square respectively.
Of course, this period ended abruptly in June, 1989 with the Tianamen Square crackdown.
As the presidential couple arrived in Durban, where Xi attended the Brics summit, a 1989 photo of Peng singing to troops after their bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tianamen Square started circulating on the web.
The family moved to Beijing where, in 1989 at the age of six, he experienced the student uprising in Tianamen Square.
1989: More than 2,000 people died in Tianamen Square, Peking, when troops opened fire on protesting students.
Air Chief Marshal Naik's comment assumes significance in the wake of Communist China exhibiting its military might during its 60th anniversary celebrations in Tianamen Square on Thursday, as also the adverse reaction to alleged Chinese incursions into Indian territory.
From that lump sum, some 2,900 hours will be classified as "live," with an asterisk the size of Tianamen Square.
They also learned a few words of Mandarin, walked along part of the Great Wall of China and visited Beijing's Tianamen Square.
I am fortunate enough to have visited Beijing before, so this time I was travelling onwards straight away, but with its many famous sights - The Forbidden City, Tianamen Square and Great Wall - there is more than enough to take up a few days of anyone's time.
The place is full of bikes and places of worldwide importance such as Tianamen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, which is a three-hour journey from the city centre.