Tiberias Lake

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 (tī-bîr′ē-əs), Lake
See Sea of Galilee.
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Environment activists oppose drilling processes as they pose threat to the natural resources, including underground water which feeds Tiberias Lake.
Qaraqi' added that the Israeli authorities were holding them in four cemeteries -- one on the Israel-Lebanon-Syria border, two in the Jordan Valley and the fourth near Tiberias Lake.
Syria has drafted a document defining the boundaries of the Golan Heights this month and it is not known whether this document addresses the point discussed in the last round of negotiations, the Tiberias Lake.
A Syrian official said that the document sent to Turkey includes reference to geographical points on the present north-eastern shore of the Tiberias Lake.
Shu'aibi said: "The Israelis have assured the Turkish officials that access to Tiberias lake will not be a problem and Syrians will be able to wash their feet in the lake".