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(tɪˈbɛstɪ) or

Tibesti Massif

(Placename) a mountain range of volcanic origin in NW Chad, in the central Sahara extending for about 480 km (300 miles). Highest peak: Emi Koussi, 3415 m (11 204 ft)
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The Tubu, an indigenous African group, are found in Chad, northeastern Niger, and southern Libya, with a traditional stronghold in the remote Tibesti mountain range of northern Chad.
Prehistoric groups have painted numerous scenes and motifs, especially in the Saharan massifs such as Ahaggar, Tassili, Messak, Acacus, Ar, Tibesti, Ennedi, Gilf el-Kebir and Jebel Uweinat, from Westto East.
Y newyddion diweddaraf am y rhain ydi fod Chris, y gog a enwyd ar ol Chris Packham, wedi marw rywle ym mynyddoedd Tibesti yng ngogledd Chad.
Libya declared force majeure on Wednesday at the Mabrouk, Bahi, Dahra, Jufra, Tibesti, Ghani, En Nagha, Al-Samah,Beda,Waha, and Defa oil fields.
Des milliers de personnes se sont egalement rassemblees devant l'hotel Tibesti a Benghazi, bastion de la revolution libyenne et fief des groupes islamistes radicaux, ainsi qu'a Al-Bayda, plus a l'est.
Hundreds of Benghazi residents demonstrate in front of the Tibesti hotel in support of the Libyan Army and Police and against unlawfull militia groups on November 29, 2013 in the eastern city of Benghazi, Libya (AFP/File, Abdullah Doma)
Mountaineer Doug Scott first visited the Society in 1964, aged 23, to research and plan for the first known ascent of Tarso Teiroko in Chad's Tibesti mountains.
The meeting took place at Tibesti Hotel in the downtown and included a number of military and police officers.
It is mostly found in India, Pakistan, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal Tibesti (West Chad), much of the Sudan (except the extreme South) the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, Iran, the Mascarene Islands and Natal.
Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Abdel Salam al-Mahdawi, was abducted from outside the Tibesti hotel in Benghazi after reportedly investigating the recent assassination of the city's police chief.
The Iranians were heading to the Tibesti hotel when an armed group intercepted them.
No to armed formations" and "Yes to the Libya army" read banners raised by protesters at the Tibesti Hotel before marching to Al-Kish Square, near barracks housing several brigades.

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