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n.1.(Anat.) The bone or cartilage of the tarsus which articulates with the tibia and corresponds to a part of the astragalus in man and most mammals.
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1) Among these are injuries to the accessory navicular, which has many synonyms, such as the os tibiale externum, os naviculare secundarium or navicular secundum, accessory scaphoid of the foot, prehallux, and bifurcated hallux.
PHM n'est revenu sur les courts que fin janvier, dans l'anonymat d'un tournoi "challenger", la deuxieme division de l'ATP, apres une absence de quinze mois et une operation d'une osteotomie tibiale en mars 2011 pour soigner une arthrose au genou gauche, qui a failli mettre un terme a sa carriere.
12,13) Type I, or os tibiale externum, occurs when an ossification center forms a sesamoid bone within the tibialis posterior tendon, near the navicular insertion.
Structure et ultrastructure de la glande tibiale chez le male d'Alopecosa cuneata (Clerck) (Araneae, Lycosidae).
The following measurements were also included: internarial distance--distance between medial borders of nares; snout length--distance from tip of snout to anterior margin of eye; orbit-jaw distance--shortest distance between deepest region below eye and margin of upper jaw; naris-jaw distance--shortest distance between naris and margin of upper jaw; choana width--maximum width of choana; femur length--distance from tip of urostyle to distal end of femur; arm length--distance from proximal end of radio-ulna to proximal base of pollex; hand length--length from proximal base of pollex to tip of third finger; interfascicular distance--shortest distance between dentigerous fascicles; and tarsal length--distance from proximal border of inner metatarsal tubercle to proximal end of tibiale.
The anlage of T extends distally and segments successively to include the tibiale (t) and then y.
14) nel loro studio hanno cercato di quantificare, in soggetti sani, la misura dell'escursione del nervo tibiale durante il movimento delle articolazioni adiacenti.