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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to both to the tibia and the tarsus; as, the tibiotarsal articulation.
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Results showed hypertrophy of the cranial sartorius muscle, an improvement of the tibiotarsal joint angulation, increased calcification of myofibers, and decreased fetal myosin expression.
Tibiotarsal rotation may cause the leg to deviate up to 180[degrees] from the dorsoplantar axis in a matter of days, thus preventing the birds from walking freely and leading to the inability to stand.
Measures were scored as: snout-vent-length (SVL, distance from top of the head to the posterior edge of the cloaca basis); forelimb traits: humerus (H), radioulna (R), distal part of forelimb (DF, distance from radiocarpal joint to the tip of third finger); hindlimb traits: femur (F), tibiofibula (T), distal part of hindlimb (DH, distance from tibiotarsal joint to the tip of fourth finger); sacral traits: sacral width (SW), and sacral diapophyseal expansion (DE).
As is the case with the current record, Durden (1990) reported that in all cases where the means of louse attachment is described, it involves the louse clinging by the tibiotarsal claws that normally encircle the hair of the mammalian host to one or more fly legs.
The following measures were obtained from the right-half of the carcass: carcass length (using a measuring tape from the cranial border of the middle portion of the first rib to the cranial border of the pubic bone), leg length (from the pubic bone to the tibiotarsal joint), cushion thickness (measured with a caliper, placing one end at the external part of the inner round and the other end on the external part of the leg), and arm length and perimeter (using a measuring tape from the olecranon tuberosity to the distal end of the humerus, involving the muscles that cover the region).
Outcome following surgical repair of Achilles tendon rupture and comparison between post operative tibiotarsal immobilization methods in dogs.
The right and left paws are cut under ether anaesthesia at the tibiotarsal articulation and weighed [21].
Esta debe aparecer completamente vertical y es indispensable que incluya desde el tercio distal del femur hasta la articulacion tibiotarsal.
Entre estos caracteres se incluyen el surco intercondilar posterior del tibiotarso limitado proximalmente por una cresta transversal mas pronunciada que en el resto de los Procellariidae, y la diafisis tibiotarsal pobremente comprimida anteroposteriormente por sobre los condilos distales.
The paw volumes (up to the tibiotarsal articulation) were estimated by plethysmography as described by Winter et al.
We then removed both legs, soaked them in water overnight at 45 [degrees] C to loosen the flesh, dissected out the tibiotarsal bones, and cleaned them of cartilage and all other soft tissues.