ticker tape parade

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1.A parade to honor a person or persons, held in New York City, during which people in the tall buildings of Manhattan throw large quantities of paper, confetti, paper ribbons, or the like onto the parading group. The name comes form the ticker tape originally thrown onto the parade when it passed stockbrokers' offices in lower Manhattan, before stock tickers became obsolete; in subsequent years other types of waste paper were used to serve the honorary function, as well as paper tape distributed specifically for the purpose of being thrown in such a parade.
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It is a legacy that does not require a ticker tape parade or an annual holiday.
Yet the New York Times Moscow correspondent Max Frankel made his career on the Cliburn story, and the paper instigated the ticker tape parade mounted in New York City.
THERE was a ticker tape parade through Auckland on Thursday to celebrate Team New Zealand's victory in the America's Cup.
The names were installed in 2003 to honor every ticker tape parade to travel along the corridor.
On the streets of the city, people threw paper from office windows to create the first spontaneous celebration that is now known as a ticker tape parade.
ASIDE from the grand parade in Manila and Makati City on Monday, a ticker tape parade for Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach will also be held at the Araneta Center in Quezon City later in the day.
Nadd's involvement in the ad started when his girlfriend, Shannon Cantwell, nominated him for a VFW contest to honor a soldier with a ticker tape parade in the soldier's hometown.
Accolades--if they arrive at all--resemble no one's idea of a ticker tape parade, and they come with a sort of arbitrary timing, before the work has begun or long after it's done.
Ticker tape parade, USO dance, speakers, WWII battle reenactments.
Most veterans never receive a ticker tape parade," he said.
Looking back now, I realize it would have been foolish to expect a ticker tape parade in the addiction and mental health communities.
Saviours of western democracy, pillars of financial confidence and perennially chipper pop stars, once house prices have gone back through the roof and we can afford to holiday in Beirut again, they will have statues of themselves in Whitehall and a ticker tape parade.