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The saucy pair were spotted romping in First Class by a shocked ticket inspector aboard the 20.
Father-of-four Mr Prentice has three years' service as a ticket inspector.
AFTER reading J Gardener's letter in Thursday's Mail, I would like to tell you about my ticket inspector trauma.
My five-hour tour of the Metro took in 91 station stops - and not once did I see a ticket inspector.
Widow Vanessa, 36, a South West trains ticket inspector, said: "We put him in the firebox at the point he wanted between Alton, Four Marks and Medstead and the driver blew his whistle and we gave three cheers.
Detectives had hoped to detain him as he crossed the border into Italy, but a German ticket inspector got there first and had him arrested for fare-dodging.
A TICKET inspector is recovering after being attacked on the Metro system.
John Lunetto, 46, ticket inspector, Throckley: I've got a job to do so I've spent most of the day underground
Greenock sheriff court heard unemployed Mc- Ewan, 44, made the bogus claim to a ticket inspector.
This description fits exactly I suggest the so-called ticket inspector referred to in the letter from M.
MY 82-year- old aunt was a passenger on a bus in Liverpool when it was boarded by a ticket inspector.
BritishTransport Police officers are appealing for information after a passenger racially abused a ticket inspector on a train between Motherwell and Dalmuir.