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"The bottom line is passengers should not have to go digging around the ticket machine to get the cheapest fare.
CONFRONTED last Saturday with the threat of a penalty if I did not buy my rail ticket at Stocksmoor station, I found the new ticket machine out order.
By ERYL CRUMP Daily Post Chief Reporter eryl.crump@trinitymirror.com A TICKET machine given to a Gwynedd bus company was kept in the office but was not used to issue tickets, a jury heard.
He was also told that there was a ticket machine in the station he had travelled from, on the opposite platform to where he was.
Meanwhile, those passengers who can prove they tried but, for example, were foiled by a broken ticket machine, will be able to purchase the full range of fares on board.
The report also records the cost behind each machine, stating that the cost to supply, install and commission each parking ticket machine is [pounds sterling]3,950.
My local railway station has a manned ticket office, an automated ticket machine and a permit-to-travel machine.
John Rogers, chairman of Railfuture South Wales, said: "It sounds like an experiment that's worthwhile trying because I must admit I'm a bit nervous myself about using a ticket machine. Sometimes I would rather stand in the queue at Bridgend station."
Heathrow Express has confirmed that it will work on the glitches with its ticket machine system.
Passenger Focus called for ticket machine improvements to give clearer, better information and said staff should be on hand to help people with transactions.
However, many passengers who buy a particular ticket often or use a familiar ticket machine may have less trouble.
The officials are considering drawing up preventive measures and will inform ticket machine manufacturers about the incident.