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The new coin designs circulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) will not be accepted yet by ticket-vending machines (TVM) at Metro Manila's three railway transit systems.
The purchase of parking ticket-vending machines (manufacturing and transportation) and put into operation on the basis of a contract of sale, five annual installments, and parkolEjegy- cash machines operated under a contract to the City of Budapest XIV.
The company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of 10,000 yen bills in all of its some 3,600 ticket-vending machines and the incident has been reported to the Sagamihara police, they said.
Purchase Parking Ticket-vending machines (production and delivery) on the basis of a contract of sale and installation of 60-month installments, and on the basis of a contract for the operation of the parking system III.