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The first operational explosives-detection-capable ticket-vending machine was demonstrated for industry and government attendees at APTA's Legislative Conference yesterday in Washington.
The new coin designs circulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) will not be accepted yet by ticket-vending machines (TVM) at Metro Manila's three railway transit systems.
The purchase of parking ticket-vending machines (manufacturing and transportation) and put into operation on the basis of a contract of sale, five annual installments, and parkolEjegy- cash machines operated under a contract to the City of Budapest XIV.
The company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of 10,000 yen bills in all of its some 3,600 ticket-vending machines and the incident has been reported to the Sagamihara police, they said.
Purchase Parking Ticket-vending machines (production and delivery) on the basis of a contract of sale and installation of 60-month installments, and on the basis of a contract for the operation of the parking system III.
In addition to new equipment for the stations on the airport extension, the first phase of the contract calls for the replacement of ticket-vending machines in 34 of the 39 stations currently operated by BART throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Cubic will install station-level hardware consisting of gates, ticket-vending machines and station computers.
Five aisles and two ticket-vending machines will be fitted with card-processing capability at each entrance to the Metro system.
The Guangzhou Metro fare collection system will be comprised of a central computer, station computers, automatic ticket-vending machines and gates, booking office machines, encoder/sorters and ticket checkers for a total of 425 major pieces of equipment.