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 (tĭd′lē-wĭngks′) also tid·dle·dy·winks (tĭd′l-dē-)
pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)
A game in which players try to snap small disks into a cup by pressing them on the edge with a larger disk.

[Possibly dialectal tiddly, little + wink.]


(Games, other than specified) (functioning as singular) a game in which players try to flick discs of plastic into a cup by pressing them sharply on the side with other larger discs
[C19: probably from tiddly1 + dialect wink, variant of winch1]


(ˈtɪd liˌwɪŋks)

also tid•dle•dy•winks

(ˈtɪd l di-)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
a game in which small plastic disks are snapped with larger disks against a flat surface into a cup.
[1835–45; pl. of tiddlywink (tiddly tiny + dial. wink, variant of winch), referring to the disk used to snap the pieces; see -s3]
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Noun1.tiddlywinks - a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disktiddlywinks - a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disk
child's game - a game enjoyed by children


[ˈtɪdliwɪŋks] njeu m de puce


nFloh(hüpf)spiel nt; to play tiddlywinksFlohhüpfen spielen


[ˈtɪdlɪˌwɪŋks] nsggioco della pulce
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Expect to hear accusations of us being "a tiddly wink" city everywhere.
"Find friends who care for you and with passions that you share, like football, boxing or cricket, maybe tiddly winks - now that game's defo rare.
76 "I had forgotten what 'Tiddly winks' meant." (It meant "making love ".) Also: p.
Every week, Tiddly Winks helps our younger children express their personalities in a safe and fun environment, with amazing equipment.
As you were as Tiddly Winks tops rivals again TIDDLY WINKS confirmed the original no-race 'form' when again making all in her re-run Carlsberg Kent St Leger semifinal yesterday afternoon, writes Jim Cremin.
Childs said his son had been talking about the game of tiddly winks and he may have repeated what he had been saying.
Love or hate fitba (give me a quiet game of tiddly winks any day) not even the grumpiest old git can deny the mood of excitement generated by the cup or some of the not entirely original products churned out to make capital out of the event.
In demand DARYL'S top traditional sellers - in no particular order - are: | Hungry Hippos | Snakes and Ladders | Tiddly Winks | Mouse Trap | Aeroplane kits | Nerf guns | Wooden train sets | Play Doh | Dolls/ dolls' prams | Lego
The events start at 8am and will include tiddly winks, hopscotch, skittles, jacks, and marbles and hunt the thimble.
I have to mention England's demolition of Australia in the Ashes series because any occasion that England thrash the Aussies - whether it be tiddly winks or underwater shove ha'penny - is worth gloating about.
"We love rugby but we love sport and we love South Africa andndash; we'll support our team whether it's rugby, soccer or tiddly winks," 40-year-old fan Simon van Rensburg told the Reuters news agency.