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(ˈtɪdlɪˌwɪŋk) ,




(Games, other than specified) any of the discs used in the game of tiddlywinks


[ˈtɪdlɪwɪŋk] Npulga f tiddlywinks (= game) → juego m de las pulgas
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There was a chandelier from Tiddlywinks for the look of the thing, but of course she lit the residence herself.
Tiddlywink players] Kahn and Lockwood long for that improbable day when a feature on tiddlywinks could become a top-of-the-page Sunday lead story in a major American newspaper.
A Mrs Arthur told me how she had been seven years of age in 1941, and how she had started crying as she watched her own cat, Tiddlywink, join the stream of migrating moggies as they filed up the entries of Hopwood Street.
As someone who will never be an Olympian unless they introduce freestyle tiddlywink flipping into the programme, I am going to miss all the more unusual sports on show, like the modern pentathlon.
That's why the schedules are full of X-Factor-style talent hunts, and it can't be long until a panel of experts are searching for the nation's best undiscovered tiddlywink player.
Common Tiddlywink terms include the John Lennon Memorial Shot, the Squidger, the Doubleton and the Gromp.
MOWBRAY PRIMARY'S EYFS has recently welcomed Tiddlywinks, a well-established company which has been running in schools, nurseries and children's centres, since 2007.
DARYL POWELL promised Castleford will just as competitive as he is playing tiddlywinks with his kids - despite Zak Hardaker all but sealing top spot with five games left.
Now fans of Tiddlywinks are campaigning to have their sport considered for inclusion to the Olympic programme.
Other well known games modern kids are unaware of include, Rock, Paper, Scissors (80%) and Tiddlywinks (50%) which makes us feel depressingly old.
Among those to have scored top marks was Tiddlywinks Nursery in Sylvia Avenue, West Heath, which was inspected in February last year.
From larger than life, tiddlywinks obsessed Awful Aunt Alberta to her pet owl, Wagner - this is an adventure with a difference.