Tide gate

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An opening through which water may flow freely when the tide sets in one direction, but which closes automatically and prevents the water from flowing in the other direction.
(Naut.) A place where the tide runs with great velocity, as through a gate.

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Tenders are invited for Inspect and Maintain Tarp Electrical Control Chambers and Tide Gate Monitoring Systems at Various Locations.
A study needs to be done to determine what will happen when the tidal gates holds the water back, from coming into the embayment, as to where the water will go in response to the tide gate."
Samples were collected on 10 days over a 1-yr period beginning February 2003 at four sites within the wetlands and one site in Ballona Creek opposite the west tide gate. Incoming flood and outgoing ebb tides were sampled during each sampling event at each station.
Workers removed a road and excavated swales to allow tidal action on the parcel, and installed a tide gate to permit water control.
A tide gate will be installed at Murray Hill Parkway and water will be taken out of the lagoon and channels to allow for dry excavation down to the natural clay layer that is present throughout most of the site.
Since Bangor is relatively close to the coast, it experiences 13 ft tides (the city is closer than one might think to Nova Scotia's famous Bay of Fundy), a tide gate was installed in the structure to prevent backflow from the Kenduskeag into the interceptor.
Tenders are invited for the removal, repair and reinstallation of the storage basin tide gate.
Contract Awarded for Savannah Harbor Georgia And South Carolina Sediment Basin Tide Gate Removal
Presolicitation: Provision of Savannah harbor georgia and south carolina sediment basin tide gate removal
Tenders are invited for The work under this contract consists generally of replacement of gate flap valve rubber seal and damaged internally reinforced flap valves doors; repair of spalled concrete and grouting; furnishing and installing stop log system including frames for each tide gate valve seal replacement at the peripheral ditch gate structure of the bridge and the vicinity thereof at international airport.
Tenders are invited for Newark Liberty International Airport Peripheral Ditch Tide Gate Flap Valve Repairs
Tenders are invited for Engineering Services for Pipemakers Canal Tide Gate Monitoring System