Tide gauge

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an instrument for determining the height of the tides.
a gauge for showing the height of the tide; especially, a contrivance for registering the state of the tide continuously at every instant of time.

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Results presented on the map are characteristic of a surface distribution of vertical movements with reference to the tide gauge located on the Polish Baltic coast in Wladyslawowo.
Oceanographers know from tide gauge records around the world that the ocean surface has been rising 1 to 2 millimeters a year over the last century.
Because sea level records at individual sites can fluctuate significantly over any single decade, tide gauge records less than 50 years old can yield drastically different findings, Douglas reports in the Aug.
They also looked for signs of movement in tide gauge records along the Washington-Oregon coast.
Tide gauge records do indeed indicate that the sea levels around the world have risen over the last century by 10 to 20 centimeters.