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Noun1.Tidewater region - the coastal plain of the South: eastern parts of Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia
South - the region of the United States lying to the south of the Mason-Dixon line
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His recollections of Christmas of several decades past in a small town brought back memories for me growing up in a small farming community in the Tidewater region of Virginia.
11) Both cases were from the Tidewater region of Virginia, in the same region as Fort Eustis.
Newport News is located in the Tidewater region of Virginia that also includes the cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk.
7 June 2013 -- Cardinal Bank (NASDAQ: CFNL) subsidiary George Mason Mortgage said it has expanded into the Tidewater region with its first office location in Virginia Beach, VA.
The Navy Exchange Service Command's (NEXCOM) Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) program held its first Tidewater Region Green Belt workshop this past March at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Va.
Within the six-counties of the Tidewater region are the birthplaces of George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe, and Robert E.
Cut to yesterday and a report by WAVY-TV and its Web site, which serves the Tidewater region of Virginia.
That patient, a US serviceman living in the Tidewater region of eastern Virginia, had a mild febrile illness and multiple eschars.
With their proximity to Gateway's branches, the bank plans for these branches to play a central role in expanding its community banking services in northeastern North Carolina and the Tidewater region of Virginia.
Normally, I'm a mobile turkey hunter, yet I was new to Tar Heel hunting and had planned to follow the advice of my guide, relying on his decade of experience in the tidewater region.
Five remodeled Home Quarters stores in the Tidewater region of Virginia have included major-appliance sections for about a month.
He hopes to expand his distribution into the lucrative market in the nearby Tidewater region, which will mean navigating the maze of Virginia's state and local regulations.

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