Tiananmen Square

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Tian·an·men Square

An extensive open area in central Beijing, China, the world's largest public square. Adjacent to the Forbidden City, it has long been the site of festivals, rallies, and demonstrations. In 1989 Chinese troops fired on student demonstrators, killing an estimated 2,000 or more.

Tian′an•men Square′

(ˈtyɑn ɑnˌmɛn)

also Tienanmen Square

a large plaza in Beijing, China.
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First, in view of the fact that the People's Liberation Army massacred democrats in Tien An Men Square, its troops will not be likely to be welcomed as liberators of the people in Taiwan.
It is not unusual for them to proclaim that the Tien An Men Square massacre was a storm in a teacup, and that the fifteen hundred or so people massacred are of little matter in a country with such a large population, and that China is now on the road to capitalism.
Prime amongst these is the fact that Peking has badly blotted its copy book with the Tien An Men Square massacre.