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 (tĭf′lĭs, tyə-flēs′)


(Placename) transliteration of the Russian name for Tbilisi


(tə bəˈli si, -ˈbɪl ə-)

the capital of the Georgian Republic, in the SE part, on the Kura. 1,194,000. Formerly, Tiflis.
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Noun1.Tiflis - the capital and largest city of Georgia on the Kura riverTiflis - the capital and largest city of Georgia on the Kura river
Sakartvelo, Georgia - a republic in Asia Minor on the Black Sea separated from Russia by the Caucasus mountains; formerly an Asian soviet but became independent in 1991
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The Russian Corps chiefly consisted of an ambulance and a unit of Scouts, many of them Cossacks, including Prince Bagration of Tiflis, giant hetman of the Cossacks and later a playboy opponent of the Bolsheviks, as was Count Alexis de Ganetzky.
Yo era embajador en Praga y en una ocasion me invitaron la Union de escritores de la entonces URSS para hacer una visita a Moscu a dar una conferencia y a otras ciudades: a San Petersburgo, que entonces era todavia Leningrado, a Tiflis en Georgia, una de las republicas, quiza una de las mas hermosas, prosperas, con tradiciones culturales mas antiguas, que esta en el limite con Iran.
Born in 1849 in Tiflis, Witte grew up in the cauldron of the Great Reform era, which witnessed the birth of professional journalism in Russia.
RMO boards and music schools in Kiev, Kharkov, Tiflis, Saratov, and elsewhere encountered familiar obstacles to professionalization, only more acutely.
Ayrica BTC'nin disinda, 2006 sonunda sonuclandirilan Baku-Tiflis Erzurum ya da Guney Kafkasya dogal gaz hatti, Baku'yu de kapsayacak bicimde genisletilen Kars-Tiflis demiryolu projesi, Coruh nehri uzerindeki De-riner Hidroelektrik santrali ve Tiflis uluslararasi havaalani projesi gibi ortak projeler Gurcistan' ekonomik acidan Turkiye'ye eklemlemistir.
Nicholas's visit to the construction site of such a cathedral was one of the contested issues during his time in Warsaw; other such cathedrals had already been erected in Tiflis (Tbilisi) and Riga.
Shamil marched toward Tiflis in 1854, but when the Ottomans failed to appear, he gave up hope of Ottoman support and retreated to the role of an interested bystander for the remainder of the war.
The new law on land tenure for Transcaucasia (1900) secured permanent landholding for the state peasants of Tiflis, Kutaisi, Hizavetpol', Erivan, and Chernomorskaia provinces, Sukhumi district, and the Terek and Kuban regions.
Shortly after meeting with Russian officials in Tiflis, one of Irshad's founders, Abdusselam Barzani, was carrying out attacks along the Ottoman border with Russian weapons and money.
The major centers of this public space were Istanbul, Kazan, Tiflis, and Orenburg, but it covered the two empires and extended beyond them.
The movement of goods, people, and news created a network of intellectuals that stretched from Bukhara to Baku, Kazan, Tiflis, Istanbul, and Cairo.