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n.1.A fit of pettishness, or slight anger; a tiff.
After all your fatigue you seem as ready for a tift with me as if you had newly come from church.
- Blackwood's Mag.
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Diana's niece, Jemma Tift, said: "This is fantastic news.
Tift started in bands like the Carbines and Two Dollar Pistols before Ryan Adams helped her secure a recording contract.
The day of culinary exploration will commence in the morning, when guests will be collected by Chef a tift and taken to one of the best farmers' markets in Prague.
A comparison between the responses of Carson and Newman College, a coeducational institution, and Bessie Tift College, a women's college, illustrates the difference.
We describe in detail the implementation of the TIFT mode with the ARMin III robot and discuss the advantages of this approach compared with other similar modes.
She later worked for a doctor in Rugby before marrying her first husband John Tift, with whom she had one daughter.
BP Portrait Award winner Andrew Tift will create the new portrait, which will take pride of place in an exhibition at the museum next September.
Joining Teddy will be Grammy Award nominated Texan songstress TIFT MERRITT whose recently released third album on Ryan Adams' label was very well received.
Tift got her groove back, but it's not how she expected it to happen.
Tift Merritt @ Monkey Cafe Bar, Swansea, Wednesday Grammy-nominated US songstress brings her blend of folk, blues and rock to the bijou surroundings of the Monkey Cafe Bar.
Following the Grammy-nominated success of her second album Tambourine, Tift Merritt took some time out.