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A diuretic drug, C12H11N7, that allows potassium to be retained rather than eliminated in the kidney, often used in conjunction with hydrochlorothiazide.

[tri- + am(ino) + alteration of pteridine.]


n triamtereno
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Tenders are invited for Maintenance ork of tigan drain from km 5.
The statue also has hieroglyphic writings carved on it with names of famous priests and gods such as Amon and Tigan, who was known as the god of earth.
Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MNHD) owns a number of real estate projects, including a 45km area on the Cairo-Suez Desert Road, Tigan, Al Waha, Primera, and Nasr Gardens.
Sundarapandian [11] proposed explicit state feedback control laws to regulate the output of the Tigan system so as to track constant reference signals.
Then, my predecessor, Laurie Tigan, recognized that we just couldn't meet the needs of everyone in this community with the influx of more immigrants.
tigan ur Boss Dennis McGettigan said;"Over the past four years we feel we have represented Ireland fantastically in Dubai; we have promoted Irish music, culture and cuisine to the global expat community.
Summary: Egyptian group Orascom Development and local real estate firm Madinet Nasr Housing scrapped an agreement to cooperate in developing the Tigan real estate project, Orascom said on Monday.
Intrebat cu cine semanam noi, comunistii, un tigan raspunde:
The Roma are generally not well-liked by Romanians, some of whom are now lobbying to call the Roma by the Romanian word for gypsy, tigan, in order to avoid confusion between the Roma and Romanians.
Mayala representatives, Aubrey Tigan and Lorna Hudson OAM said; "We have been involved with Pluton people now for over 3 years and have built a friendship based on mutual trust and respect.
Some stalls ran out of food last year, so I guess that's a measure of success,' says Dora Tigan, secretary of the committee that organises the week-long annual event, which sees each Kelabit village put up a stall and compete to see who has the best decor and food.