Erythrina variegata

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Noun1.Erythrina variegata - small to medium-sized thorny tree of tropical Asia and northern Australia having dense clusters of scarlet or crimson flowers and black seeds
coral tree, erythrina - any of various shrubs or shrubby trees of the genus Erythrina having trifoliate leaves and racemes of scarlet to coral red flowers and black seeds; cultivated as an ornamental
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They had to do it the hard way after sub Kallum Higginbotham saw red in the final few minutes after a bit of a wild one on James Tavernier which left the Gers man with a thigh looking like it had been swiped by a tiger's claw.
Set in a modern-day world where Chinese aggression is pushing the Pacific to the brink of war, Tiger's Claw is an all-too-frightening "what if"?
Some of these exciting objects include an English Victorian gold and tiger's claw brooch, circa 1860; a Georgian kingfisher feather hair ornament, circa 1820; and a green iridescent South American beetle brooch mounted in gold, circa 1880.
AA FRIEND of mine had the same problem and came up with this solution buy a tiger's claw scraper (around pounds 4 from DIY shops), scrape the surface of the paper, then give it a good soaking, allowing the water to seep in.