Tiger flower

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(Bot.) an iridaceous plant of the genus Tigridia (as Tigridia conchiflora, Tigridia grandiflora, etc.) having showy flowers, spotted or streaked somewhat like the skin of a tiger.

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FILLIES' RECORD Year Filly Position 2005 Eswarah 8th 2004 Valee Enchantee 5th 2002 Aquarelliste 4th 2000 Shiva 7th 1993 User Friendly 4th 1991 Tiger Flower 8th 1988 Percy''s Lass 5th Silver Lane 9th 1987 Triptych 3rd Unite 8th Bourbon Gilr 9th 1986 Triptych 3rd
Saffron, I feel my obligations, First emotions of love, Tiger Flower.
If you want something a bit more brash, flash even, then Tigridia, the tiger flower, fits the bill.
There are also quite a few unusual bulbs available at cheap prices including tigridia, the tiger flower.
Perhaps the most spectacular of all are the Tigridias - the Tiger Flower from Mexico, Guatemala, Chile and Peru.
While losing his title to Tiger Flowers in 1926, the challenger, a church deacon, was moved to stop the action and implore: "Curse me as much as you like, Mr Greb, but do not take the Lord's name in vain.
Among the better-known Worcester fighters who waged war at Mechanics Hall were welterweight Don Williams, who put together a 60-16-2 record with 33 KOs from 1947 to 1956; welterweights Harry Devine (39-17-4, 6, 1928-1941), Johnny Potenti (26-2-0, 15, 1943-1950) and Tiger Flowers (63-43-5, 30, 1945-1951); middleweight Johnny Rossi (60-24-6, 23, 1932-1943); and heavyweight Johnny Melko (37-18-4, 11, 1944-1950).
PEACOCK tiger flowers, or tigridia, last just one day - but produce a succession of gloriously-coloured blooms from June to October.
Watch out, too, for angel lilies and tiger flowers and treat yourself to the ever-reliable alliums (ornamental onions), dahlias and begonias, too.
THIS week's online offer is 50 Peacock Tiger Flowers (Tigridia Pavonia) at half price - just pounds 4.
Callas, gladiolus, lilies, and tiger flowers produce a showy display in pots or garden beds.
Among the better-known Worcester fighters who did battle there were welterweight Don Williams, who put together a 60-16-2 record with 33 KOs from 1947-56, welterweights Harry Devine (39-17-4, 6, 1928-41), Johnny Potenti (26-2-0, 15, 1943-50) and Tiger Flowers (63-43-5, 30, 1945-51), middleweight Johnny Rossi (60-24-6, 23, 1932-43) and heavyweight Johnny Melko (37-18-4, 11, 1944-50).