Tiger grass

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(Bot.) a low East Indian fan palm (Chamærops Ritchieana). It is used in many ways by the natives.

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According to tradition, wounded tigers would roll around on this ancient Asian medicinal plant to help heal their battle wounds; hence Centella asiatica's nickname, "tiger grass. "This column will briefly examine how skin care product formulators are adding this ingredient to moisturizers, serums, and even masks in order to restore skin that has been compromised by redness and sensitivity.
Ethnic clothes, bead works, back dresses, head dresses, props made out of recycled cartoons, newspapers, bamboo sticks, feathers, fur, tiger grass and intricate hand-painted props made by the students and teachers highlighted the said presentation.
The formula contains centella asiatica, a herb known as tiger grass that has been recognised for centuries for its restorative properties.
The DENR identified as possible livelihood activities hardwood and fruit tree planting, coffee processing and trading, bamboo propagation, soft broom production, woodcraft and furniture manufacturing from gmelina lumber, and bamboo or tiger grass farming.
It uses a cocktail of extracts from tiger nuts, lupin, edelweiss and tiger grass to achieve this feat.
The spa area features king and bamboo palms and towering tiger grass, which looks like bamboo.
My front garden, which measures only about 5ft by 6ft, was full of ornamental grasses - black ones, blue grass, tiger grass and several other special colour schemes and they were dug up during the night.
Things did not get any better as 2-7 shot Bongo Fury found newcomer Little Tobias too tough in the juvenile maiden hurdle, and they were quickly followed by defeats for Tiger Grass and Ellamine.
The record-breaking champion jump jockey completed a four-timer on Ragdale Hall (7-2), Sunridge Fairy (4-6), Tiger Grass (11-8) and Phar From Fair (4-6).
TONY McCOY was among the winners at Hereford yesterday with a four- timer on Ragdale Hall (7-2), Sunridge Fairy (4-6), Tiger Grass (11-8) and Phar From Phair (4-6).
The champion jump jockey reached 100 winners on September 17 last year but didn't have the best of starts to the day as he took a fall from Ela d`Argent in the first race but he bounced back to take the next on the Martin Pipe-trained 4-6 shot Tiger Grass.