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n.1.A close, or inclosure; a croft.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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An Tigh Seinnse is homely and welcoming - and the seafood reviews from locals were glowing, while the Whisky Bar at The Islay Hotel has something closer to what folk on the mainland would consider a wine bar vibe.
Anyone wishing to add their names can do so by the end of today (Friday) at the home of Kenny Higgins - Ar Tigh, in the lane opposite the village shop.
You'll also become a VIP at every event hosted by Tigh Nora and travel to five distilleries during the year to brush up.
Tom Tigh, who is in charge of business development at SuperiorGlacier, added that the deal made it possible for his company to offer contract personnel services, which would benefit customers by helping them keep costs in check and improve efficiency.
open armth ng people ense, ho in her h kr dmh Her security is tigh any standards, thank the weirdos and cybe ers who have invaded world from time to tim doubt fascinated by th gory but scientific de corpses, rotting flesh murder scenes she describes in her bestnovels.
Turkey shares an 840 km border with Syria, a mostly Sunni country ruled by a tigh knit hierarchy belonging the minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Islam.
The rising cost of fuel imports, in particular, sharply cut into fuel t ax revenue, which were squeezed by fixed pump prices," the statement said, addin g that the Gambian government took difficult but appropriate actions with mid-ter m increases to some fuel prices and by adjusting expenditures in line with a tigh t er overall resource envelop.
Evan Williams, whose strike-rate of 14% rises to an impressive 23% (5-22) in the last five seasons with such horses, sends out Tigh Bhruadair in the selling hurdle at Uttoxeter (2.40).
Adama's and Roslin's love of books, Starbuck's boxing practices, Colonel Tigh's Ahabian eye, Dr.
The evening was spent with a little rooster and a greedy Turkish sultan; a man named Badur from the Arabian nights; a hero from Persia named Dajan Tigh; and of course a big red lollipop!
Bothregion and country are looking to solve their problems in the tigh the ad position, while Yapp is looking for more playing opportunities with the Blues and Wales.
Two and a half hours later, following 32 kilometres of up and down, windy village roads with the great force of the ocean battering my ill-prepared body, I made it to the cliffside cafe, Tigh Slea Head.