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 (tĭ-gē′nə) or Ben·de·ry (bĕn-dĕr′ē, bĭn-dyĕ′rē) or Ben·der (bĕn-dĕr′)
A city of southern Moldova on the Dniester River northwest of Odessa, Ukraine. A historically strategic gateway to Bessarabia, the city has been controlled at various times by Turkey, Russia, Romania, and the Soviet Union. Transnistria assumed control of Tighina in 1992.
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President Mircea Snegur, addressed on 23 June of the same year, UN Secretary General Boutros-Boutros Ghali, asking them to inform the Security Council about the attack the Russian forces and separatist forces on Tighina (Bender).
The contract envisages 3 primary streets (Package 2) in the central area of Chisinau City: 31 August 1989, Alexandru cel Bun and Tighina.
I arrived at Tighina with Tanase Cohan, who was accompanying me.