infinite loop

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n.1.(Computers) a series of instructions in a computer program which, when executed, cause a cyclic repetition of the same instructions, with no other action by the program, for as long as the program continues to be executed, or the loop is interrupted by some external action.
References in classic literature ?
The shield was held by tight loops to his left arm, while in his right hand he grasped his heavy knife.
the stowe interchange will be realigned from the existing trumpet configuration with tight loop ramps to a diamond configuration.
With the shortest of my rods, I can better sidearm a tight loop under the dock.
One method was to string smooth wire through the holes to create a tight loop.
With 80 teams taking part, there was potential for accidents on the initial tight loop, but Richard Smith on leg one managed to stay out of trouble until the field started to stretch out at the top of the first climb.
Select flooring products such as tight loop or short cut pile carpeting, hardwood, and hard-surface flooring that collect minimal dust and dirt and can be easily cleaned.
His friend told police after the tragedy that he was swinging on a rope and turned round to see Connor had put his head through a tight loop on another swing, and that he was going purple.
I sneak a quick glance across a vineyard, maneuver a tight loop around one of the valley's gorgeous barns, then come to a complete stop--you can do that in the middle of the road here in March--to read the highest stack of winery arrows I've ever seen in my life.
Here, the caster needs to power a tight loop through an upright five-foot diameter iron hoop.
The thriving social scene with its good restaurants and bars is sufficient attraction to a generation of young things, determined to live "within the river" - the tight loop of the Severn which has kept Shrewsbury small - and special.
This year, 1250 photographic entries were received for categories that included animals, plants, underwater subjects, wilderness landscapes, and, for the first time, a section titled 'Our Impact; which includes some disturbing images of human impacts on the environment, such as a seal pup collared by a tight loop of rope.
The line was also wound in a tight loop around his neck.