tightrope walking

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Tightrope Walking

See also acrobatics.

a person who performs aerial acrobatics, as a trapeze artist, tightrope walker, stunt flier, etc.
the art or skill of tightrope walking. — funambulist, n.
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Noun1.tightrope walking - walking on a tightrope or slack rope
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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Makes that tightrope-walking dog look a bit boring.
In other animal news, Britain's Got Talent was rocked by a "faking" row after dancing dog Matisse used a body double called Chase in a tightrope-walking routine.
adam lallana 6 (for Ings, 76) Not on for long, but still managed to execute a few of his trademark Cruyff turns joe allen (for Lucas 79) A late replacement for the tightrope-walking Brazilian.
In the narrative of the older Emily, author Jennifer LoveGrove works deftly with the concept of embodiment: From the opening pages, where Emily is hurting herself in a variety of ways, to the tightrope-walking that allows her to fully inhabit her body as she starts to heal, Emily's anguish is played out through her physical presence.
As soon as you open the cockpit," says Steiner, "there are adverse winds all around you and every single movement is turned into an exhausting tightrope-walking act.
According to Assouni, though, the idea of young boys and girls gathering to learn somersaults, dancing and tightrope-walking was too much to bear for the radical Islamists living nearby