tiglic acid

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tig·lic acid

A thick, syrupy poisonous liquid, C5H8O2, derived from croton oil, having a spicy odor and used in making perfumes and flavoring agents.

[New Latin (Croton) tiglium, croton species name, perhaps from Greek tīlos, diarrhea (from the use of croton oil as a purgative).]

tiglic acid

(Chemistry) a syrupy liquid or crystalline colourless unsaturated carboxylic acid, with the trans-configuration, found in croton oil and used in perfumery; trans-2-methyl-2-butenoic acid. Formula: CH3CH:C(CH3)COOH
[C19 tiglic, from New Latin phrase Croton tiglium (name of the croton plant), of uncertain origin]
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Tenders are invited for Procurement of GERANYL TIGLATE ( ARCTENDER )
Of them, five major volatile compounds of flower, linalool, a-farnesene, trans-b-ocimene, z-3hexenyl tiglate and methyl tiglate, were also found in culture of the ZZB08.
They were identified as 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2")-terthienyl tiglate, 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2")-terthienyl agelate, 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2,:5,,2")-terthienyl acetate, ecliptal, orobol, and wedelolactone.