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 (tē′grā, -grĕ)
A city of eastern Argentina, a suburb of Buenos Aires.


A Semitic language of Eritrea.


(ˈtiːɡreɪ) or Tigray
1. (Placename) an autonomous region of N Ethiopia, bordering on Eritrea: formerly a separate kingdom. Capital: Mekele. Pop: 4 334 996 (2005 est)
2. (Languages) a language of NE Ethiopia, belonging to the SE Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family


or Ti•gré

1. an Ethiopian Semitic language spoken mainly in Eritrea and adjacent parts of the Sudan.
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Some of these are of very large extent: the kingdoms of Tigre, Bagameder, and Goiama are as big as Portugal, or bigger; Amhara and Damote are something less.
The inhabitants of the kingdom of Amhara are the most civilised and polite; and next to them the natives of Tigre, or the true Abyssins.
Between 1768 and 1772 the Scotch traveller, Bruce, set out from Massowah, a port of Abyssinia, traversed the Tigre, visited the ruins of Axum, saw the sources of the Nile where they did not exist, and obtained no serious result.
On every island there were tracks; and as on the former excursion "el rastro de los Indios" had been the subject of conversation, so in this was "el rastro del tigre.
Les forces irakiennes ont repris le controle de tous les quartiers de Mossoul situes a l'est du Tigre au mois de janvier.
Il est destin mettre jour des ensembles programmes relatifs la maintenance NTI2 de l~hlicoptre TIGRE sur banc testeur D2G.
The 510MW Punta del Tigre plant, Uruguay's first combined cycle thermal power plant, will help diversify the country's energy mix in an environmentally sustainable manner and provide a thermal backup, reducing the vulnerability of the energy system in years when low rainfall affects hydroelectric generation, Poyry said.
Tigre finished their 2015 campaign with a whimper and began the 2016 Primera season with a draw against Argentinos Juniors.
En ese sentido, hay cuentos que explican cosas como por que el tigre tiene manchas, por que las aranas tienen ocho patas, o por que Dios, que al principio habitaba entre los humanos, finalmente decidio retirarse para habitar en los cielos.
This has raised the capabilities of our security and emergency agencies, while building a stronger bond with residents," said Sergio Massa, national deputy and former local mayor of Tigre.
The venture will continue the existing operations of Tigre USA via the Janesville, Wisconsin production plant, offering the current product range, which comprises PVC fittings for waterworks, plumbing, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.