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A Semitic language of Eritrea, where it is the official language, and of northern Ethiopia.


(Languages) a language of Eritrea and N Ethiopia, belonging to the SE Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family


(tɪˈgrin yə)

an Ethiopian Semitic language spoken in the Ethiopian province of Tigray and adjacent parts of Eritrea.
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In a poor neighbourhood in the south of Tel Aviv that has attracted thousands of African migrants, shops are dotted with signs in Tigrinya and other African languages while abandoned warehouses have been converted into churches.
Among his topics are the grammar of negation, Old Assyrian and East Semitic, Ugaritic, standard Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician, Qur'an Arabic, Jibbali and modern South Arabian, Tigre and Tigrinya, Amharic and Harari, innovative expressions of negation, other negators and negative asymmetries, and reconstruction.
All interviews were conducted in person or by telephone, generally lasted between thirty minutes and two hours, were conducted in either Tigrinya or English (which are two of Eritrea's three national working languages), and began after obtaining consent.
Primary education is taught in the various mother tongues, and in addition to these languages, most Eritreans speak the three official languages, Tigrinya, Arabic and English.
If other North-East African historical traditions in languages such as Arabic receive the same in-depth treatment that De Lorenzi devotes to Ge'ez, Amharic and Tigrinya, the point could be made even more forcefully that it is 'imprecise to describe history as a sign of modernity--it was reimagined in the modern era.
1500) created by the Tigrinya peoples of Ethiopia and a 17th century memorial head (Nsodie) of the Akan peoples of Ghana.
next to people of every skin tone speaking Korean or Tigrinya, wearing hijab or shalwar kameez.
Whether it is information in English, Arabic, Sorani, Kumjani or Tigrinya, the four language versions of the app cater for asylum seekers from a wide geographical area.
He admitted two counts of rape through a Tigrinya interpreter in the dock.
The defendant, with black hair and beard, admitted two counts of rape through a Tigrinya interpreter in the dock.
Abrha, wearing a red jumper and grey trousers, spoke through a Tigrinya interpreter during the brief hearing at South Sefton Magistrates' Court in Bootle.
The two-minute film is available in English, Arabic, Eritrea's Tigrinya and Ethopian language Amharic.