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tik·ka 1

Any of various traditional marks or ornaments worn on the forehead in South Asia, especially:
a. A pendant attached by a chain so as to hang from the parting of the hair to the middle of the forehead, worn especially by Hindu brides.
b. A bindi.

[From Hindi ṭīkā and Punjabi ṭikkā, both from Middle Indic *ṭikka; perhaps akin to Sanskrit tilaḥ, sesame seed, mole, and tilakaḥ, freckle, mark made on the forehead.]

tik·ka 2

A South Asian dish consisting of pieces of chicken or other meat marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked on a skewer.

[Hindi and Urdu tikkā, small piece of meat, from Persian tikka, bit, small piece.]


(Cookery) (immediately postpositive) Indian cookery (of meat, esp chicken or lamb) marinated in spices then dry-roasted, usually in a clay oven


(ˈtiːkə) or


1. (Hinduism) another word for tilak
2. (Hinduism) the act of marking a tikka on the forehead
[from Hindi tika, Punjabi tikka spot, mark]
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