n.1.(Zool.) The bulau.
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The second entails taking a similar speedboat ride, but in this case to Sebatik Island, on which--drawing on kinship networks or the services of informal migration brokers--migrants navigate jalan tikus or "mouse paths" and slip through Tawau's porous borders.
Anom D (2013) Bioaktivitas Ekstrak Daun Tapak Dara (Catharantus roseus) Terhadap Kecepatan Angiogenesis dalam Proses Penyembuhan Luka pada Tikus Wistar.
From that establishment the reader is carried along on a whirl, Tikus, yellow eyes shaded from the sun, began pulling his bow as his green eyed son Piccus observed an orb of blue fire blasting past, a clearing filled with damage produced by the detonations as the ball of blue fire hit the ground.
Arriving in Bali, Indonesia after a long over-water flight from Broome, Australia, we were told to join the hold with all the airliners over TIKUS, a fix that was mysteriously missing in the 530.
day 16 kalam tikus (kalam--possibly from Arabic, meaning 'obscure;' tikus is a mouse in Malay)
16) Puede senalarse un grafito de Enserune de lectura muy dudosa: tikus (B.
A check with the police and the state Immigration Department showed at least six anti-vice raids were carried out over the past two months on hotels in Anson Road and Macalister Road, and entertainment and karaoke outlets in Pulau Tikus.
Two are belts like the Sinalapid and Tabud while one is for the ankle, like the Tikus.
In Tikus in the northwestern part of Belitung, in particular, tin deposits are found in granite.
One former policeman who sells apong at Pulau Tikus market on weekends explained that he did not have to turn up if he did not feel like it and that he only made and sold the crepes for the love of it.