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 (tĭl′dən), Samuel Jones 1814-1886.
American politician. The Democratic presidential nominee in 1876, he won the popular election but lost the presidency in a controversy over electoral college votes that was settled by a special commission in favor of Rutherford B. Hayes.


, William Tatem, Jr. Known as "Big Bill." 1893-1953.
American tennis player who dominated the sport in the 1920s, winning the US men's singles championship seven times (1920-1925 and 1929) and the Wimbledon championship three times (1920, 1921, and 1930).


(Biography) Bill, full name William Tatem Tilden, known as Big Bill. 1893–1953, US tennis player: won the US singles championship (1920–25, 1929) and the British singles championship (1920–21, 1930)


(ˈtɪl dən)

Samuel Jones, 1814–86, U.S. statesman.
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Noun1.Tilden - United States tennis player who dominated men's tennis in the 1920s (1893-1953)Tilden - United States tennis player who dominated men's tennis in the 1920s (1893-1953)
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When Tilden tries to explain what makes Walkman tick, it's easy to sympathize with skeptics.
In nominating Tilden of New York and Hayes of Ohio, both parties chose reformminded Governors.
In the Democratic corner was the governor of New York, Samuel J Tilden, whose similar claim to incorruptibility was somewhat undermined by the fortune he had amassed representing railroad companies in the courts.
Election returns showed Tilden ahead of his Republican rival, Rutherford B.
On election night, newspapers reported Tilden the winner.
Bakken JS, Krueth J, Tilden RL, Dumler JS, Kristiansen BE.
Tilden los envidiosos, acechando el compas y las notas persiguiendo de poco original tu melodia.
For 10 years, Tilden has devoted much of his career to fulfilling that promise using a highly unconventional approach: He designs robots by mimicking the process of natural selection.
Mid-sixties Tilden, their oldest son Bradley, their next oldest son, an amputee Vince, Tilden's son Shelly, Vince's girlfriend Father Dewis, a Protestant minister
Grazing, which controls ground fuels, is permitted within the boundaries of Tilden Regional Park.
Connie Divine, chapter services director of the Georgia Chapter, and Helen Tilden, RN, chairperson of the Chapter Services Committee, who conduct aquatics instruction training courses for the National MS Society, and other NMSS experts, worked closely with the producers.
Tilden during the latter's service as governor of New York.