v. t.1.To drain by means of tiles; to furnish with a tile drain.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If an irregular tile-drain network were unearthed and viewed from overhead, it would look like a tree branch sprouting outward from an open channel.
The method can estimate tile and base flow components from the total channel flow measurements in a tile-drained watershed.
The method can estimate pollutant loads associated with tile- or base-flow components in a tile-drained watershed and help define criteria for limiting total maximum daily loads to water resource systems.
Saturated buffers are vegetated strips of land, as narrow as 30 feet, between tile-drained agricultural fields and waterways.
Intuitively, however, rain- fed, tile-drained, productive fields are the least suitable for 10-to-15-year retirement and the least likely to go into the program.
The biggest challenge for working lands programs when it comes to nutrient loss, however, is one of scale and scope: the 2012 Census of Agriculture indicates over 48 million tile-drained acres spread across 217,931 farms (U.S.
The topics include soil fertility: nutrient management, assessing a fertilizer program: short-term and long-term approaches, the optimization of financially constrained fertilizer use, the use of enriched and natural abundance nitrogen and carbon isotopes in soil fertility research, and soil and fertilizer management practices to control nutrient losses under subsurface tile-drained conditions.
Malone and his colleagues, including Purdue University scientist Eileen Kladivko, used their findings in a larger regional simulation of nitrate losses from tile-drained fields in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio, located within the Mississippi River Watershed.
The couple has cultivated 40 acres of tile-drained land, on which they've planted 7,500 haskap plants.
Kinetics and modeling of dissolved phosphorus export from a tile-drained agricultural watershed.
Our system is actually a biofilter (woodchip media), which takes advantage of indigenous soil bacteria to reduce nutrients like nitrate in tile-drained water.
Evaluation of nitrate nitrogen fluxes from a tile-drained watershed in central Iowa.